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I am a Brazilian Designer with 9+ years of experience in the graphic market and design, who has been specializing since 2013 in strategic design and branding, in order to apply the best concepts to business and direct it to a goal. In 2017 I founded Lu Costa Design, a Brazilian Startup focused on offering not only Design but also the Best Experience, I believe that these two things can change not only the company’s presentation, but also the world view on what we all believe and stand up to.



During my career I have developed several projects related to many different areas in search of development and knowledge. I hope it inspires you as much as it inspired me. Dream, believe and accomplish!


The visual identity that I develop is inspired not only by the Costumer's background, but also by the offered services and products, contributing to achieve his goals.

When the customer enjoys that process and wants to improve the brand's positioning, I handcraft his entire Branding, standardizing the communication and guiding him on how to manage the brand.




Companies, couples and birthday persons ask me to develop custom pieces for their parties, but the project becomes even more interesting when they seek to convey their essence in every detail of the event. The projects developed include visual identity, graphic pieces, and are finished by decoration tips and souvenirs.




Most customers who developed the Visual Identity also acquired the website development for business to make visual business communication standardized and efficient. All webpages I've developed have been inspired by the branding of the business and how to serve the final customer intuitively, quickly and easily, whether it is being accessed by mobile phones, tablets or computers. At the end of the process I offer special training so the person in charge maintain its own website.



The design of package has a major influence in purchasing process. Therefore, in its developing process, I seek not only to present the product through design and highlight the brand, but also to guide the customer on how to manufacture in the best way, making it attractive for the final consumer.




Offline advertising materials are still present in many businesses marketing strategies as a complement of digital marketing. That is why many clients acquired materials like magazines, catalogs, folders, flyers, business cards, postcards and others.

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